I have a great selection of unsexed, unrelated amyae and wheeleri available that were produced this year.

My adult amyae colony was hand selected and consists of adults that display a heavily reticulated pattern, large adult size, and are extremely prolific (unlike many bloodlines out there). All hatchlings are heavy, healthy, and feeding great on both Dubia as well as crickets.

Priced at an extremely reasonable $350.00 each or $325.00 for 2-4 animals. If you are interested in a large group, i can offer numerous unrelated bloodlines at an extremely attractive price.


My wheeleri colony were also handpicked to offer numerous unrelated bloodlines and include animals that routinely produce normal, as well as aberrant offspring. This has been proven on dozens of occasions with my founding stock, but also holds true for the holdbacks I have raised to maturity and bred.

Each hatchling is heavy, healthy, and growing like weeds. All greedily accept both Dubia, as well as crickets, which simplifies feeding greatly.

Priced at $125.00 each or $100 for 2-4 animals. As above, if you'd like to assemble a large group, I can offer unrelated offspring at a price that is hard to beat.

Pricing does not include shipping, which typically runs $50.00 - $80.00 depending on your location.

PAYMENT BY POSTAL M.O. ONLY PLEASE! I do not support Paypal since they choose to boycott my other hobby (competitive shooting).

May thanks in advance!