These tiny little guys are a species not often found available in the US but very abundant in Australia. I wish I could keep them and breed them next year but I am vey short on space and need to drastically down size. They are very similar cousins to house geckos but binoes are native to Australia and are terrestrial. The other cool thing is that they are parthenogenic so it's an all female species that always lays fertile eggs. I'm am one of only 5 people in the US that sell them. I see babies go for $125 to $150 but I need to sell all my babies ASAP. I will do $75 each, $140 for 2, $210 for 3, $290 for 4, $325 for 5, $375 for 6. These guys will come with a detailed care sheet / breeding sheet.Thank you and happy breeding.I wish I could keep these cool self cloning geckos. Thanks