I need to raise some funds for a new project.
So, I've decided to let one of the captive bred
2014 cbb baby Patternless Blue, Green, and Yellow kids go.
Unique to this morph are the yellow feet and legs along with sky blue heads and pastel green bodies.
IMO this is one of the prettiest of all the tokay morphs.
This morph, unlike many of the tokay morphs, has been proven to breed true.
And, because we have a group of these, we are able to produce them without any inbreeding/line breeding.
If you're looking for a good tokay morph project, this is a solid one to get into. Unlike many of the other morphs, you'll be able to actually reproduce these. And whoever gets this 2014 baby, will get first dibs on one of the opposite sex next year.
No wild caught junk to deal with here.
No disappointments or sick, non feeding animals.
$600 shipping in the US.
Payment plan may be possible
Serious inquiries and offers only. Please, no tire kickers or low ballers.
Cash talks.
Might consider trades for A. felinus.

Top pic is adult female
Second pic is a cbb juvie