Hey guys,

I have these geckos on here individually, and have been getting some interest in them, but unfortunately I'm leaving on Wednesday the 12th for a few months, so I need all these guys gone asap. I'm willing to let them all go for $200. there's 21 of them, so thats less than $10 each. I need them all gone at once though. Theres obviously a lot of money to be made here by someone with a little extra time. I apologize to anyone who may get aggravated by me selling them for so cheap, but I honestly just want someone to get them who will care for them and find them new homes. I would put them on craigslist but I'm afraid someone will just come get them for fun and not take care of them. 

Here's a link to photos of all of them. I hope thats ok to put a link. I just feel like thats easier for everyone. 

I'm located outside of West Chester, PA, about 30 mins west of Philadelphia. Im around all day sunday, monday, and tuesday, so hopefully someone will be able to come give them a good home. 

Feel free to email me with any questions at JohnBurdumy at Gmail.com