Hi all. My male gecko has stopped eating for just over 1 week now. He is 30 months old, 58 grams (taken 4 days ago) and otherwise seems to be fine. He is drinking and is very active. He starts exploring his tank as soon as the lights go off and continues until 5 or 6 in the morning before settling down for the day. Daytime temps are in the mid 70ís dropping to ~70 at night. Humidity is up to ~90 after evening misting, drops to ~50 by morning. He did take food off my finger last night so its not like he canít eat, he just doesnít seem interested otherwise. I belive he shed just over 1 week ago, I never actually see him do it. I am wondering if this could be just that he is now of breeding age and weight and spring time is starting? Could this be normal breeding season behavior?