At least one of the P. laticauda watches me all of the time. That lady likes to hang out on the glass closest to me and just watch me watching her . The other 2 watch me, discreetly, from a distance. They obviously still think of me as a potential threat.

As for the Giant Day Geckos, the female watches me all the time. She's very friendly, and likes to lap her gecko diet from the cup in my hand, and to have her head rubbed. The male, on the other hand, watches me like a hawk, and takes off like a rocket the first time I move when I'm sitting here at my desk! He's skittish. At 2 or 3 years old, dog knows if that'll ever change, but at least the lady is friendly and sweet. She's watching me right now, along with 2 of the P. laticauda. We're all just one big happy family, here .