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    Exclamation Found at least one very large beetle in my gecko's tank


    Hello everyone,
    I noticed tonight that I haven't seen my gold dust day gecko out and about like I normally do for the past 2 days. Like I haven't seen him at all. Now, keep in mind he's in a 12x12x18, but it's completely bioactive and has grown in like a jungle, so finding him when he doesn't want to be found is extremely difficult. This being said, I decided I'd use the jet-setting on my misting bottle to scare him out, just to check up. Well, no more than a few sprays in and this massive bug shoots out from nowhere. I didn't get the best look at it, but it was about adult roach or so size, but I'm not convinced it was a roach based on the body. Although, it was running upside down on a plant leaf near the ground so I only got a side view and not the back. If it helps I live in central/northern Georgia. What do I do? I've only seen one bug, but it was pretty sizeable and could pose a threat to my gecko, and it worries me that I haven't seen the gecko for a few days. My other question is, how did it get in? The only considerable holes in the tank are for wires at the top (it's an exo terra), but those all remain closed except the holes being occupied. I have no idea what to do, please help!

    EDIT: I don't feed any kind of insects to my gecko
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    I would try and find the bug again and try to get it out of there, either with a small net, or a small container of some kind. (If you catch it, take a photo for us for identification). You might want to try trimming out some of the "jungle" - geckos generally like a lot of foliage, but even bioactives need to be trimmed back to be healthy once in a while. I hope that you find your gecko soon. I doubt the beetle would have hurt it, but I know it can be worrying when you can't find it for a while. How old / big is your gecko?
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