I have recently stumbled upon a heated discussion on whether keeping reptiles is ethical or not. One interesting point that was brought up was that "we keep pets as our slaves, and we believe their only purpose is to serve us." I however, feel that in truth, owning pets is quite the contrary (now don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are people out there that don't treat their pets as family companions and thus could earn the award of owning pets as slaves, but this is not the majority) as I spend nearly two hours a day on feeding and watering my animals as well as spot cleaning, and an upwards of 4-5 hours on weekends for cleaning out enclosures, and I know that some pet owners out there spend even more than that daily and on weekends. I also know that in general, pet owners spend a good chunk of their income to provide the best care possible. After taking all this into consideration, to me at least, it would appear that it is the guardians of these animals that are more so the slaves than the animals themselves. What do you guys think? All opinions are appreciated and I certainly enjoy learning about both sides of an argument!