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    Quote Originally Posted by reptilesunleashed View Post
    I feel like the mealworms and dubia are not eating the food because I don't see them eating it. How many slices of fruit should I put in their container. The mealworm container is aro,und 13ish qts, and the dubia roach tub is 20 gallons. When I put the fruit in they don't go to it or anything, especially the mealworms. How do I get them to eat so they are nice and gutloaded? Or am I just not seeing them eat?
    You may not be seeing them eat.

    1. Did you buy the ProGutload diet to feed them 24/7?
    2. Please post a photo of each enclosure.

    Dubia like really dark places. Cover the dubia's ProGutload food with a small section of egg carton. Use 1/2 to 1 inch of ProGutload for the mealworm bedding. Mealworm's eat their bedding.

    • Put 2 fruit slices in the 13 quart mealworm container on a plastic lid.
    • Put 4 fruit slices in the 20 gallon/80 quart dubia enclosure on a plastic lid.
    • Replace fruit as needed.
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