first off i want to say that im not an importer. Ive had friend that were but im not. However, identifying what you have imported properly is in my opinion pretty important. Miss identification can lead to some pretty inconvenient or unpleasant situations. For example, i ordered some christinus mamoratus from some online reptile company, and thats exactly what i didint get. Instead i got some gekko monarchus. Dont get me wrong they are nice lizards, but not at all what i ordered. The place i ordered from was nice though and refunded my money, but now im stuck with these geckos that i dont want. Im going to try and get rid of them, but the point is now that time, space, and resources lost in something that could have been easily avoided by simply doing a bit of research and finding out if the geckos you imported are marbled geckos (gekko monarchus) or marbled geckos (christinus mamoratus). a 45 minute search on google could have cleared this up. Anyways, if you import stuff please please please identify it correctly, or atleast show full body pics in your ads.