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    Thumbs up Phelsuma laticauda (Gold Dust Day Gecko) Care Sheets......contributed by IrishEyes


    On the 31 May 2017 IrishEyes shared both these care sheets! They represent long overdue resources!

    Click: Phelsuma Care Sheet
    • "Most species of day geckos require daytime temperatures of 81 to 89 degrees Fahrenheit (27 to 31 degrees Celsius) and a nighttime 10 degrees F. (5 degrees C.) temperature drop to around 70 to 80 degrees F (21 to 27 degrees C.). Most species of day geckos require a relative humidity of 50 to 85 percent".

    Click: Gold Dust Day Gecko Care Sheet - Phelsuma laticauda
    • "Basking spot temperatures can and should reach into the low 90s, while the coolest side of the cage can drop down into the low 70s."
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    Click: Leo Care Sheet's Table of Contents

    ===> No plain calcium, calcium with D3, or multivitamins inside an enclosure <===

    Oedura castelnaui ~ Lepidodactylus lugubris ~ Phelsuma barbouri ~ Ptychozoon kuhli ~ Cyrtodactylus peguensis zebraicus ~ Phyllurus platurus ~ Eublepharis macularius ~ Correlophus ciliatus ~ (L kimhowelli) ~ (P tigrinus) ~ (P klemmeri) ~ (H garnotii)
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