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    Default should i feed a new staple?


    ive been keeping a tokay for a few weeks now and i set up her enclosure with cyprus mulch, a hiding log and some large climbing branches and a ficus in a pot

    the large crickets i feed it keep finding endless nooks and crannies to hide in and because i keep the terrarium in my room, its forced me to physically remove or stamp out the crickets so i can sleep at night

    should i consider feeding my tokay a new staple, roaches perhaps, or should i try switching out my substrate and remove things so that the crickets can't hide as easily and that my tokay can find everything i put in?
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    You could try any of the above things that you mentioned. Something like dubia roaches will give a much bigger meal with less insects, but they too will hide in the substrate. They don't climb though, so you can put them in gladware containers that the tokay can climb into to feed. Lobster roaches climb which makes them attractive to tokay. Lateralis roaches are fast moving which attracts the tokay, and don't hide so much, but not nearly as large as something like dubia. They don't climb, so they too can be fed in a gladware type container.

    As for your hiding log, make sure that it is vertical. Tokays do not like to be horizontal on the ground unless they absolutely have to. They much prefer to be vertical.
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