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    Default Tokay- normal egg laying, and egg binding


    Hello all,

    It's been a while, since I last posted I have acquired 3 more Tokay and have started breeding two of the females.

    My question/concern is: One female, my first gecko Maya, laid her first eggs a couple of weeks ago! There were two,which I understand is normal. Tonight, I saw there was a third egg. If only one egg is laid, does that possibly mean one could be bound? If so, what are the symptoms I should look for? I haven't had any issues yet, but I know I would need to act fast in an egg binding scenario so it'd be great to have some experienced breeders advise me on what to look out for. Maya was her usual energetic, curious self tonight, and put away at least 6 dusted crickets, so I figure those are good signs.

    Attached is a pic of the first two eggs, and the gecko mom
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