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    Exclamation I think my female tokay is dying


    Everything Is good, temp, humidity, basking 40 Gal she shares with the male. Diet has to be alright because nothing at all wrong with the male, he's massive and pushing 16". He eats a more variety like crickets, mice and roaches. She only likes crickets so I keep up on calcium and calcium +D3. Even leave a dish and she doesn't care for it.

    The other day she was doing great as normal bouncing around walking fine. Then then next day she was showing signs of MBD, she was flared up, and her toes were twitching/fluttering very fast and she was basking in the sunlight. Then I came in and she was laying on her belly not responding to anything but breathing, twitching. I put my hand near her to see if reacts as usual and she gapped her mouth and tried to run away but her back legs were dragging and she was grunting and making the door creaking sounds while having seizures so hard to watch. All ER vets are out due to state holiday and nobody will see a gecko for a few days. I tried researching and bought no additive pedialyte. Made a warm bath with it and added calcium too so she can soak it up through her vent plus I force fed her some. After 15 minutes she lightened up and seemed content and full spirited again. I let her soak a little longer and put her back in. She flopped over and didn't more for almost an hour. She's climbing around again, but back legs still don't work and toes still fluttering...

    she has no signs of wounds or bites no fowl play no signs of impaction, I suspect eggs because the male is overly protective of her hide which he never used to be. He's mean and draws blood and showed me he doesn't want me near there. So I need to capture him to investigate
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