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    Quote Originally Posted by Warwick555 View Post
    I transferred the baby to a 10 gallon tank and it's doing great. Temps, humidity is good, I'm now worried about the clutchmate not hatching and it's been a bit over 14 days. The clutchmate was exposed to more sunlight than the one that hatched, so I hope that wasn't a problem. Can this be a normal thing? How can I tell if the egg has gone bad and baby possibly dead... I hope for the best and won't force it open
    Kudos for you and for your first hatchling! Thanks for sharing.

    Could the second egg have overheated in direct sun rays? Have you candled the egg? Can you see movement?

    I've never candled an egg. Sometimes eggs hatch weeks apart.

    Once an Oedura castelnaui egg I had was overdue. I gave the egg a little squeeze. Out she popped! Hence I named her Ms. Squeeze. She hatched in 2017 and is doing well.
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