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    Red face Salutations from a new breeder!



    My name is Ashley! I live in southern Colorado with my boyfriend, aquatic animals, and geckos. I currently am the proud owner of three cuddly sweethearts. I joined this site in order to get some extra information I was not able to find in any search. I hope to help be just as informative as those who had also helped me with my breeding question(s). I'm still new to breeding.

    I have owned many reptiles in the past. Growing up we always had some kind of animal. My dad is a fan of snakes, so we always had at least one snake around the house. My dad would also adopt rescued snakes. I've also been raised around dogs, cats, and some rodent species. This is my first time owning Leopard Geckos. My sister has three rescued Beardies, so I'm not new to lizards, just new to leopards.
    I have owned Lemon, my first gecko, for about eight months now. She's roughly nine months old and soon to be ten months old. I won her in a raffle that the biology department of CSU - Pueblo had hosted. They give away baby geckos every year when they are done using them. I ended up being a lucky unlucky winner. Here we are eight months later and she's a very happy, healthy animal. Three nights ago I welcomed two more geckos into my home (Gruff and Glass). They were rescued from a previous owner who did not give them the proper care that they needed. They both have some minor dry skin issues and one has MBD. They are all sweet cuddles who love to crawl all over mama (Lemon is mostly a papa's girl though).

    Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and hope to find the help I will need as my breeding slowly grows.


    Lemon Gecko
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