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Hello. I read that you focus on handling geckos? When I clean Loki's(my leopard gecko) tank and reptile carpet, I have to take him out. I'm afraid that if I handle him badly, when putting him in a temporary tank, that he'll stress out. When I first got Loki, he was stressed and wouldn't eat. Is there a way to handle him without causing stress? And, I have to do this when I clean his tank about every 2 weeks.
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Great! Any other advice? And, one more question, how do you safely take them out for cleaning the tank? I tried letting him crawl into a container, then transferring him to the temp tank. This is the best way when you can't handle him, right? And thanks!.
Why wouldn't you be handling him? In my opinion the more opportunities you have to handle him for short periods, the better! Don't baby the lil guy. They need frequent exposure to handling to calm down. I personally handle all my hatchlings from a week old, every other day, and when I clean I use the method I described above. The only reason not to handle is if he starts refusing food again. Then give him a break for a few days, and use your method (allowing him to crawl into the temp tank on his own) if cleaning day falls on these days.

To pick him up on cleaning days if he hasnt started climbing onto your hand, go ahead and scoop him up. Don't be afraid but he will likely corner himself as you are scooping him. That's ok. Handle him til he stops moving so much, then put him in the temp tank. Then before putting him back handle him again and dont put him back til he stops moving on your hand, even if its for a brief moment. Encourage stillness. He's gonna seem pretty freaked out but its normal at this phase. Consistency and frequency of handling are key.

Once he calms down a bit more there are even more steps to take to make him even more handlable but for now focus on these first steps. You will eventually see a clear difference.