I thought I'd just warn people about these products, because they've been a serious issue for me; the Exo Terra products that come with a "clip system". I'll list what products I have with this and what the problems have been.

Canopy Combo Dish - straight up fell down. Customer service reply: faulty product, return to store

Elevated Outcrops - fell down as well. This is a bit more worrisome since it's rather large and heavy and could've easily hurt my gargoyle. I talked to customer service about it and got the same thing over again: faulty product, return to store. However, because of an ordeal with an actually faulty hide (see below), I had a leftover unused clip laying around so I put the ledge back up with this. Even supported it with a cork hollow to make sure it wouldn't fall down. FELL DOWN

Canopy Cave - only thing so far that hasn't fallen down, presumably because it is quite light. Had an issue with the cave not actually fitting onto the clip and was sent a new one that fit just fine.

I've tried talking to customer service about the products in general, since I don't care that much about having spent money on these products - I just don't want any animals getting hurt. Every time, it is just "faulty product, return to store". This time I've written to them on Facebook since they actually seem to reply properly there. Looking through the posts, I saw that a lot of other people have had the same problem as me.

I hope they realise it's an actual problem with the system and change it. In the meantime, don't waste your money or risk your gecko buying any of these products :3