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It's either an Asian house gecko or a delta house gecko, if you look at it's tail and find little spikes running down it, it is an Asian house gecko but if you don't it's a delta house gecko. If it is a delta house gecko you should immediately release it as these are native geckos and are quite rare because of competition with the Asian house gecko. If it is an Asian house gecko you have caught an introduced species that are competing for food with our native geckos (as I mentioned before) so you shouldn't release it, so if it is an Asian house gecko you have just snagged yourself a free pet lizard!
There are no species of Dtella (Gehyra indigenous to the Newcastle area. Also Asian House Geckos have not yet garnered a foot-hold in the area. They do turn up through climbing aboard trucks, pots, etc, etc. But they seem to die off over each winter.
You can see in the second picture above the spines running down the tail. So it is a vagrant Asian House Gecko.

P.s. Though Asian House Geckos compete with Dtella's in many areas, and reduce their abundance on buildings, Dtella's are by no means rare and do very well in the bush which AHG's seem less inclined to invade.