I have several species of roach, I will give their general names for those who don't know their scientific names and I sometimes mix up certain species with other species.... I have Blaberus Craniifer (Death's Head Roaches), Blaberus Dubia (Dubia Roaches lol), Panchlora Nivea "Giant" (Giant Green Banana Roaches), and Hemiblabera tenebricosa (Horseshoe Crab Roach).

Then I have an unknown species of phyllium (leaf insect) that eats oak quite readily. Still need to get an ID on the little ones. I also have some Indian Stick Insects (unsure of their scientific name) which are just now hatching their second generation.

I am located in beautiful California, USA. Where leaf and stick insects are not so prevalent as a pet. I also have four leos, two chameleons (one a rehabilitation project who I hope to get better soon), a tortoise, 30 land hermit crabs, two crested geckos, a blue tongue skink, one rat, one hamster, two birds, a dog and two cats.... omg when I type it out it takes forever XD