Hey everyone, I just wanted to ask for some advice. My male U. sikorae seems alright but there are two things that have me a little worried. Whenever it's daytime, he's sleeping on a branch (per usual), but whenever I peek into his enclosure at night, he's chilling on the ground. He's done this for the past couple of days. Also, he used to be a ferocious eater... sometimes I would tong feed him a cricket or two and he instantly responded. But recently, he's not interested at all... and I never see him going after them when they're just free in the enclosure. He could be getting them when I'm not looking, but it's just out of character for him to be acting like this. Maybe I've just overreacting, but better safe than sorry. I'm also scheduling a vet appointment just to get a professional opinion and maybe a fecal sample or something if they feel it's necessary.