Lol, Thanks I try to chip in where I can. I'm still learning but as I stated in the past I'm a fast learner but theres always more to learn!

And the seasons not over with Athena layin eggs now, she may just carry me right over into next season on the rest of them, at least probably Cindy and Pikachu. Still debating on pairing Mella again, she is definitely aggressive tho when ovulating may tame down? Also concerned on her getting any wackyer cuz she wasn't this aggro before layin 6 dud eggs..

My big project for next year will be Crowley and StarFires babies, they will all be raptors / mack snow raptors. I would also like to pair Draxx to Nova which would produce some awesome trempers, high contrast, tangerine possible w/y I will probably pair Draxx and Crowley with a few each and get lots of trempers and snows and super snows and tremper snows an tremper super snows and tangerines an w/y's!!

I paired Hercules with Athena, if I get any eye deformities he's retired from breeding, same goes with Cindy thats why I'm not pairing her with him again. So hopefully Draxx and Crowley are mature enough by then for the job, if not maybe Frogg will be, I know Sarge is but we'll see..