I have a male sub adult Leo. Recently about 5 weeks ago he reguritated a butter worm and did not eat for a few weeks, while having diarrhea. during that time I had given him a bit of oxbow carnivore care and he no longer had diarrhea and started to perk up just as I was about to make a vet appointment.

Now I'm having trouble getting him to eat. He's doing alot better. He seems to only take interest in one mealworm every other day. I've tried crickets, but he doesn't seem to want to hunt. I've tried offering a waxworm (which he will eat) then offering a mealworm right after to coax him to eat it. But he doesn't want anything else and I'm worried he would get addicted to wax worms.

I was wondering if males can stop eating during mating season? Current I have a female Leo in a seperate tank but in the same room who is gravid. When my male isn't sleeping he is attempting to climb the tank. Do males lose their appetite during breeding season aswell? Or could he still be recovering from when he got sick from a butter worm?

20 gallon tank with paper towels substrate
UTH controlled with thermostat. Set to 90 degrees. Warm side ( off the Matt) is 80 and cool side is 75.
Plenty of hides and humid hide.
Small cap of pure calcium powder

Gutloaded crickets and mealworms dusted with repashy calcium plus. Occasional butterwom (have stopped offering them now)
Waxworm (only offering these to him to try to coax him to eat)