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    Default New Leopard Gecko need help



    I just bought a Juvenile leopard gecko from Petco 3 days ago. And I'm worried because I read that baby leopard geckos need to eat every day, but my leo only ate 2 meal worms the first night and won't eat any meal worms the past 2 days. I have tried putting it in my hand or gutting it open so it smells it. I only bought mealworms because the guy that worked at Petco said that's really all I need for food. I literally even put a live mealworm next to him/her and she just let it crawl under her not even acknowledging it...

    Is this normal? Should i get different bugs? Or should i just leave her be for a few more days?

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    Welcome to Geckos Unlimited!

    It's common for a new pet leo to be reluctant to eat at first. Concentrate on feeding your leo and not interacting with him yet. He needs to get accustomed to his new home.

    Just so we know how you're doing please share the following:
    • Photo and approximate length of your leo
    • Photo of your leo's setup
    • Powdered supplements (with brand and exact name) you have for him to date
    • Are you interested in a sample feeding and supplement schedule?

    Are you meeting these temperatures?

    Temperatures - A temperature gradient from warm to cool maintains your leo's health. Here's a temperature guide for all leopard geckos as measured with the probe of a digital thermometer or a temp gun (and controlled by a thermostat set at 91*F/32.8*C):
    • Warm end ground temperature: 88-92 F (31.1-33.3 C) inside a leo's warm dry hide and his moist hide too!
    • Cool end ground temperature: 70ish-75 F (21.1-23.9 C) Usually the cool end ground temperature matches the room temperature where the enclosure sits.
    • no greater than 82ish F (27.8ish C) air temperature - 4 inches above ground on the warm end
    • no greater than 75 F (23.9 C) air temperature - 4 inches above ground on the cool end

    Leave the heat mat/UTH on 24/7. If you wish, during the night turn off overhead lighting/heating (~12 hours on and ~12 hours off) unless ambient room temperatures drop lower than 67ish*F (19.4*C).
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    Click: Leo Care Sheet's Table of Contents

    ===> No plain calcium, calcium with D3, or multivitamins inside an enclosure <===

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    Usually when a leo is introduced to a new environment, It takes some time before they're fully settled in and start eating again. I wouldn't worry.

    Mealworms are NOT all a leo needs in its diet, they need supplements and a variety of feeder insects. I you can't get him to eat mealworms, try red runner roaches or dubia roaches. My geckos can't get enough of those.

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