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    Default Can cabbage be used to gutload mealworms?


    Hi. I just recently adopted a leopard gecko from a friend. The leo's a male and is about a year old. Recently I've been gutloading my mealworms with slices of cabbages but Today I found that my gecko has regurgitated his entire meal. Could the cabbage be the cause ?

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    Welcome to Geckos Unlimited!

    Please share a full-body photo of your leo. It will be very helpful if you can also share a picture of his enclosure.

    I don't know whether cabbage alone could cause regurgitation. However, cabbage is on the list of foods to avoid when feeding insects and worms. Instead try some different veggies from the Best and Good lists below.

    What type bedding/food can you get for your mealworms where you live? Mealworms need a decent bedding, because that's what mealworms eat. Whatever is in the mealworms' guts is the nutrition mealworms pass on to your leo.

    Have you purchased powdered supplements for your leo: calcium with D3, plain calcium, and a good multivitamin? What are your options?

    "A commercial gut loading food like Bug Burger or Superload (both by Repashy), Cricket Crack, Dinofuel, etc. is going to make your life easier AND provide a nutritious diet to your crickets at the same time. Avoid Fluker's gutloads, as they are super feeble in their formulas."

    "If you opt for making your own gutload at home, here is a list of great ingredients to use:
    Best: mustard greens, turnip greens, dandelion flowers & leaves, collard greens, escarole lettuce, papaya, watercress, and alfalfa.
    Good: sweet potato, carrots, oranges, mango, butternut squash, kale, apples, beet greens, blackberries, bok choy, and green beans.
    Dry food: bee pollen, organic non-salted sunflower seeds, spirulina, dried seaweed, flax seed, and organic non-salted almonds.
    Avoid as much as possible: potatoes, cabbage, iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, corn, grains, beans, oats, bread, cereal, meat, eggs, dog food, cat food, fish food, canned or dead insects, vertebrates."
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    Click: Leo Care Sheet's Table of Contents

    ===> No plain calcium, calcium with D3, or multivitamins inside an enclosure <===

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