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    Default get leopard gecko from good pet store or breeder?


    so, im getting another leopard gecko soon and theres a pet store near me thats AMAZING. its their only location (thats how small they are), they have a variety of animals, and they actually take good care of them and know what to do (friends gecko wasnt eating, asked them, and their solution wotked). anwyas, i saw a leopard gecko that they had and it was expensive one but i put a deposit. shes on hold right now but now im having second thoughts and would a breeder be better? the only thing they dont know is its date of birth and which breeder it originally came from (imported from another country, the breedet they got her from got her from another breeder). thoughts on it?
    edit: the gecko at the pet store i held and she is so tame and adorable
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    Hello ~

    Is this leo #2 for you?

    One advantage of a small, independent, store is that you actually have hands-on experience with the gecko you want. I think that really counts!

    Be sure to follow these quarantine recommendations in any case.

    Any new gecko should be quarantined for a minimum of 90 days. That gives adequate time to check for parasites, cryptosporidiosis, and the beginnings of coccidia plus. 3-6 months quarantine are recommended if your new gecko is imported or wild caught.

    Crypto is highly contagious! Any gecko or reptile suspected of having Cryptosporidiosis should also be immediately quarantined as far as possible from other reptiles. Handle that reptile last!

    • Set up the new animal as far as possible from your current animals.
    • Set up the quarantined animal as simply as possible -- with a paper towel floor and homemade plastic hides that can be tossed, if necessary.
    • Feed the quarantined gecko last. (Maybe use vinyl gloves.)
    • Toss uneaten prey.
    • Never share prey between geckos or toss uneaten prey back into the feeding bin!
    • Do not share any supplies such as thermometer probes or feeding tongs between cages.
    • Wash hands thoroughly between handling geckos.

    The quarantine area should ideally be in a separate room apart from your established geckos. Stringent sanitation methods MUST be followed!
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    Click: Leo Care Sheet's Table of Contents

    ===> No plain calcium, calcium with D3, or multivitamins inside an enclosure <===

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