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    hey guys, let me first off by introducing what i will be talking about. Since most of you guys know by now i have two leopard geckos,one adult female Mack snow, and a juvenile, under determined sex, possibly a tangerine morph by the looks and coloration. Well the little one eats an substantial amount of food, like 12 meal worms a day maybe a few crickets along with the meal worms and poops a fairly good amount size for its body size, which i'm quite surprised about lol. But as for the big one, i usually feed her 3 medium sized crickets every 2 or 3 days, and maybe a meal worm or two. She really doesnt like meal worms as much as crickets, but she"ll eat them out of her dish occasionally. But for some reason her poop size is quite small for the amount of food she eats within 2 or 3 days. Is it because the size of the crickets could be too small? should i be giving her more than 3 medium crickets?, she acts normal and doesn't seem to have any health related problems, but the little one definitely poops bigger, and eats a lot more. so yeah if anyone knows, please leave a comment, thank you

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    It is common for juveniles to eat more than adults, both in quantity and frequency, (just as with people, usually teenagers eat a whole lot more than adult people), and hence they will poop more, the juvenile eats more because she is growing and needs more food, although, I would feed the adult a varied diet as much as she wants to eat, if she looks to be in a fine weight, with a nice plumpy tail, and acts normal, then do not worry, i.e.: some people eat more and remain slim, and some other people eat less and gains weight easier... there is no deffinitive rule with single organisms, feed her as much as she wants and keep track of her weight!

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