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    Unhappy Shedding problem causing my gecko to walk funny?


    I didn't see a post like this but I'm sure there is one and I'm sorry for asking a similar question...
    My oldest leopard gecko - which is only 3 - had some issues shedding last night. I misted the cage to see if she'd get it herself because she normally does. This morning I noticed she still had a ball of skin around her front ankle... Since I had to go to school, I asked my mom to help her. I came back and no one had helped her. I took it off after soaking her in a warm bath but now her ankle looks funny and she's not walking properly. She has never shown signs of MBD and I have another gecko with MBD who I am treating so I know what it looks like. But will this swollen, ankle problem go away with some help or is it forever this way? I'm hoping its just a short time loss of circulation or something but I'm worried...

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    Hi ~

    Exactly what products are you using for calcium and vitamins? How are you dusting the prey? What supplements do you keep in the tank?

    Please share pictures of your tank and of your leos.

    It is very important for you to fill this link out as completely as you can including brand names: Helping your sick gecko...(READ THIS FIRST)

    Then we will be in a much better position to help this leo.

    Please read the Leo Caresheet linked in my signature below for very thorough information.
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