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    Default Aggression or neurological both ?


    I have just bought another leopard gecko.
    My others geckos Some came tame and others that were very flighty and would only bite if you restricted them.

    But after a few weeks of handling they calmed down.
    I just bought leopard gecko with a setup and paid to have him delivered.
    When I opened the lid the smell immediately hit me.
    And was very Sad to see the state he had been kept it.

    I have cleaned him out very easy over 40 poos in his cage some really weird mouldy hard compact clay looking stuff in a dish.
    Haven't a clue what it is.
    I have checked him over part from being overweight or possible giant
    He looks good.

    The women I bought him off said her son asked her to look after him six months ago and said she just opened it to put food in and top water up.
    Never touched it but don't know if son has she said he had him since he was a baby.
    Only found this info out after messaging her after receiving him.

    I opened the cage up 10 seconds later he coming running out his hide opened his mouth.
    Then just kept running to the corner he would wip his tail then go to the other corner doing this striking then tails wip things he kept doing that randomly in the corner of the cage.
    I had to pick him up so I could clean his cage and just went crazy and kept on biting.

    Is the poor thing just so frightened. Or could this be a neurological thing.
    Just the charging weird tail thing he was doing just randomly in each corner of the cage just seemed very odd I hadn't put my hand in there or tried to pick him up at this point all I had done is opened the lid of his cage.

    would a vet be able to tell difference Between aggression and
    Neurological thing.

    Looking up videos of aggressive leopard gecko but didn't find any.

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    Give him some time to settle down. He's probably terrified. If you have to pick him up, use a soft cloth so you don't get hurt. He may never like being picked up --I have a male gecko I bought over 2 years ago who still hates it-- but I would guess that once he feels more comfortable he will be less aggressive.


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