I owned an adult leopard gecko as a teenager, over ten years ago. Never had a problem, my dad sold her behind my back and ever since I wanted one again.

I was gifted one from petsmart. I received the zoo med leopard gecko tank. With sand inside. I believe the gecko was in it maybe a day or day and half before I got it and switched it to newspapers. It was given crickets daily and metalwork Wednesday and Saturdays, however it is only eating mealworms. More importantly it hasn't pooped yet.

It drinks water and eats mealworms. The gecko was bought Thursday afternoon, changed to newspaper Friday afternoon. And hasnt pooped yet.

It's active. Lays in the water, drinks and eats climbs around and whatnot.

Am I over reacting? Should it have pooped by now?

I never had a problem with my other gecko and had her for years. I'm at a loss. HELP!