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Thread: Grey poop?

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    Default Grey poop?


    Basic Information
    Species of lizard: Leopard Gecko

    Gecko's name: Angel

    Morph: Unknown

    Gender: Female? I don’t know, I’m assuming she’s a female

    Age: Unknown, but is not longer than 4 inches

    Weight: Unknown, and I don’t want to stress her out too much

    Enclosure dimensions (length x width x height): I don’t know exactly, but it’s a ten gallon

    Substrate provided: Reptile carpet

    What type and brand of thermometer (digital with probe, temperature gun, LCD strip, analog (circle), combo digital thermometer/hygrometer, stainless steel aquarium type, other): Temperature gun

    What is the ground temperature right on the substrate under the warm dry hide: about 82-84. I have the thermostat set to 88 though.

    What is the air temperature on the warm end about 4 inches up from the ground: unknown

    What is the air temperature on the cool end about 4 inches up from the ground: Unknown

    What device(s) are used to maintain the temperature (Under Tank Heater, heat light, Ceramic Heat Emitter, Flexwatt heat tape, hot rock, other): UTH, but has over heads as a back up Incase the UTH fails.

    Insects and worms, list type: The only thing I know she’s had are two waxworms. There were crickets in the cage she was in. There’s 10 Small mealies in a bowl for her to hopefully eat is she’s too nervous to come outside
    Regular diet fed to the insects: Unknown
    Regular diet fed to the worms: The mealies I gave her have had apple bits

    How often do you feed your gecko?
    Please list any supplements (with brand names) used. How are they given and how often?: I have left a bowl of mealies in her cage, but I will replenish her food once a day.

    If your gecko is sick, please describe the signs and how long your gecko has been showing these signs: She’s had weird grayish poop within the last two hours. She also puked up two waxworms

    Additional Information

    Gecko's total length: less than four inches
    Length of your reptile when you first acquired it: Less than four inches
    Source (pet store, breeder, previous owner): Petco
    Captive bred or wild caught: She looks captive bred.

    Number of hides: 2
    Location of hides: One on the cool side and one in the warm side
    Is there a humidity hide? location?: No- there’s no real room as of now

    Please describe any other furnishings: three bowls- a small calcium bowl (zoomed pure calcium. No D3)

    List recent changes in the environment, if any: We just brought her home

    Artificial lighting
    Incandescent ("screw-in type bulbs): A red one for the night and a white one for the day, although they’re only to be used in case the temps aren’t cooperating

    Fluorescent (tube bulbs): No

    Access to ambient daylight from a distant window: Yes

    Ventilation space for your UTH by elevating the tank above the shelf (some UTHs come with sticky feet for the tank corners): Yes

    Are you using a thermostat(s): Yes

    Which hide does she/he spend most of her time?: The warm hut

    Is the temperature decreased at night? by how much?: No

    Is the humidity measured?: Yes

    Humidity range: usually 30%, although can reach 50% on super rainy days

    Are the insects and worms formally “gutloaded” 1-2 days prior to feeding off to your gecko? If so with?: The mealies are given apple slices. There’s nothing for the waxworms

    What calcium brand are you using? with D3, without or both?: None as of yet- although I have zoomed calcium with D3 that will be used for dusting, and zoomed pure calcium.

    Is the calcium in the tank with D3 or without?: Yes and it is without

    Multivitamins (include brand name)?: Again, none used yet, but I have multivitamins by reptivite.

    Please list any recent additions/changes in the diet: Switched to mealies from crickets due to the fact that I could not find small crickets (there were only large ones and they were bigger than her tail)

    General Health
    Is your gecko’s general activity level normal, decreased, or increased?
    Is your gecko’s appetite normal, decreased, or increased?: She seems much more active than she was in the pet shop

    Have you noticed any of the following?
    Weight (loss or gain): Haven’t had her long enough

    Discharge from the eyes or nose: No

    Increased breathing rate or effort: No

    Change in the droppings: Yes, they have become graying

    ---white or yellowish: White

    ---size of urates as compared to size of feces: A bit smaller

    Abnormal skin color or shedding: No

    Parasites on the skin or in the feces: No

    Weakness: No

    Regurgitation: Yes, she threw up two wax worms

    Previous problems and/or illnesses

    Other Critters in Same Cage or in Household
    List other animals that are kept in the same cage: She is in her own cage, though she shared one with four other geckos at the pet store

    Recent acquisitions (new pets within the past 6 months): Her, but I’ve also got three other healthy leopard geckos that I’ve gotten, although she hasn’t even been in the room with them.

    Are any of your other pets ill?: I don’t think so- the only thing that could be is that one of mine ate three waxworms (she only received them since it was Christmas) within a minute and then threw them up.
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    Gray poop isn't a problem --it's likely that she shed and that changed the poop color. I do recommend making the hot side a bit hotter, the low 90's is usual.


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