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    Quote Originally Posted by Sg612 View Post
    Just wanted to add it could be a nutritional problem. What do you feed? Supplements? Insect feed? Temps(inadequate heating results in poor absorption)
    Quote Originally Posted by 1Lauren View Post
    He has 10 adult crickets every two days, some mealworms in a bowl, and two ****roaches a week as a treat, he has the crickets gut loaded as well, and calcium with vitiam D3 and the temperature is around about 27 celsius Some times it will go up to 32 Celsius.
    Your leos are well fed! Did your leos' multivitamins arrive?

    You mention 27*C up to 32*C. Do your leos have daytime temperatures on the warm ends between 31.1-32*C every day?

    Temperatures - A temperature gradient from warm to cool maintains your leo's health. Here's a temperature guide for all leopard geckos as measured with the probe of a digital thermometer or a temp gun (and controlled by a thermostat set at 91*F/32.8*C):
    • Warm end ground temperature: 88-92 F (31.1-33.3 C) underneath a leo's warm dry hide
    • Cool end ground temperature: 70ish-75 F (21.1-23.9 C) Usually the cool end ground temperature matches the room temperature where the enclosure sits.
    • no greater than 82ish F (27.8ish C) air temperature - 4 inches above ground on the warm end
    • no greater than 75 F (23.9 C) air temperature - 4 inches above ground on the cool end

    Leave the heat mat/UTH on 24/7. If you wish, during the night turn off overhead lighting/heating (~12 hours on and ~12 hours off) unless ambient room temperatures drop lower than 67ish*F (19.4*C).
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    "If you can hear crickets, it's still summer." ;)

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    Click: Leo Care Sheet's Table of Contents

    ===> No plain calcium, calcium with D3, or multivitamins inside an enclosure <===

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