Hi all!

My 4ish year old leopard gecko has entered brumation for the first time. She began refusing food and acting lethargic for about 1 month ago now. She did one healthy looking poop and I haven't fed her since as she has spent her time sleeping in her cold hide constantly. I was worried at first but when I take her out (I try to leave her alone while she's brumating but I want to make sure she's alright) she perks up slightly and looks around/will walk a bit. Today, while I was taking my gecko's Christmas Card photos, I took her out for a quick picture, and I noticed that her armpit bubbles are still present and large. Is this abnormal to have during brumation or could it be good as she is maybe storing fat/nutrients there while she's refusing food? Throughout the year her armpit bubbles come and go, Im just shocked they havent gone down since she hasn't eaten in a month. Just wanting some opinions to see if this could be abnormal or if I'm just getting worried over nothing. This is the first time she's brumated since I got her 3 years ago and my other two geckos are not brumating at all.