For the past month my female leo has been pooping less often. She poops every 7-10 days. She has been eating normally, I feed her 3 times a week as she's a bit chunky. When she poops, there is one urate and two brown pieces. It looks normal besides the fact theres a lot. She didn't use to do this. I havent changed any of my husbandry. Her warm hide is set at 85-91F. Tonight I saw her laying flat in her designated poop corner, breathing slightly quick, and she was not alarmed by me opening her tanks lid like she usually is. I stroked her back and she didn't budge, which is unlike her. I prompted her to stand and once she did she was fine, she walked around on my hand a bit. I offered a cricket to see if she was interested and she was not, she usually is ravenous for crickets. It was odd, I'm not sure if i interrupted her about to go to the bathroom. Should I be worried? She happily ate 6 dusted crickets on Thursday and she's been normal beside the massive poops and her laying down.
I'm a bit worried.