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    Exclamation *Leopard gecko health problems*


    I have already posted this in another tab, though no one has answered and I am in need of help. I have a leopard gecko of at least 4-5 years of age. I got him as an adult about 3 years ago, and his previous owner has had him for awhile as well. Anyways, he was doing amazing. I have never had any problems with him other than a few shedding problems when I got him. I fed him a diet of mealworms with crickets. He has a calcium bowl, which I see him licking from often and I do multivitamins once a month (he did have to go without it for awhile because we could not find it at our store and it would not ship, though that was awhile ago).

    Our problem started last week. He was eating fine up until last Monday, so exactly a week ago today. He ate a good meal of mealworms and I did not notice anything weird or different. Then, he went a few days without pooping and I wanted him to poop before he ate more mealworms (to avoid worsening impaction if that was what it was). I gave him olive oil and a nice warm (not too warm) bath and he pooped 30 minutes after. He pooped even more the next day. This poop was healthy, but the urate was a bit dehydrated, so I gave him fluids.
    I thought my problem was gone and that he would eat soon after. He still hasn't eaten. I have asked this before and some said it is common for this to happen. His tail is still very plump and healthy and he has not lost weight. I did notice he seemed more tired and his eyes were more "closed" than usual. He is not weak, as he still moves around when I hold him and is not limp at all. He also still holds his body up nicely. I try multiple times throughout the day and he refuses all food.

    Another thing, he did pass a tiny piece of a urate, and it was still dehydrated. I am going to give him more baths until he feels better. I know dehydration will impact his digestion system and will make him constipated, but is this a reasonable answer? The nearest vet is about 4 hours away, which makes this extremely difficult. I also am very low on money. I might call them and get their opinion on what to do. I am sorry this was such a lengthy read, especially if you have read my other post about this. I just am extremely worried about him, as this has never happened before. He does not seem to be in pain, though he was licking his vent last night (I read that this is very normal and happens often). It was not swollen or misshapen or even another color.

    3 hides (1 moist, 1 cool, 1 warm)
    Warm side temp 86-93 degrees F
    Cool side temp: 77-80 degrees at all times
    Water bowl that is cleaned/refilled everyday
    I have used UVB light though I have turned it off because I am worried it could have hurt his eyes?
    Paper towel substrate
    UTH 24/7 and 12 hour on/off cycle of lights

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    This is the same problem being dealt with in your first thread: Feeding/pooping issue

    Please continue adding to that thread. There's no need to start 3 discussions about the same problem. It's much easier to help you out if you keep everything about the same problem in the same thread.

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