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Thread: Eye issues

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    Question Eye issues


    So I recently got this gal on the 13th of January, and she is still in quarantine. I was told that she's a proven breeder, and she's around 5 or 6 years old now. Unfortunately I made a mistake with making her humid hide, and It dried out faster than I was expecting (I have now fixed this). Due to this, she had a bad shed. I was able to get off the stuck shed, however I recently noticed she was keeping her right eye closed. After further examination, it looks like she has the rim of her eyelid that still has some stuck shed left. It's right next to her eye, and I really don't want to risk damaging her eye. She has opened it, but only while in a more humid environment. What do you think I should do? She’s been eating, drinking, and pooping as normal. Besides keeping that eye closed, she seems to act normal as well.

    Here are some pics:

    Edit: so I just gave her a soak and she managed to get it out of her eye, it seems to be what I thought: stuck shed. I’ll be checking in on her to make sure she doesn’t have any eye issues after this, but I’d still like to hear your guy’s opinions about this, and suggestions if she does the again or if anyone else’s gecko has this happen to them. Thank you!
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    Based upon your edit, it sounds like the stuck shed from the bottom of her right eye is now gone.

    • What's the substrate in her humid hide?
    • How are you doing for ground temps in her enclosure?
    • May I ask which supplements you use: exact brand, name, & frequency? Incomplete sheds might be due to a missing vitamin.
    • Which feeders are you using? What do you feed them?
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