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    Not sure about the size of your enclosure, but to get a proper temp gradient I would recommend a 20 Gallon long at the minimum. What is that substrate that you are using? I personally use and would recommend a textured ceramic tile surface. I'm not a fan of loose substrates though I know some experienced keepers do like to use them... I always worry about the risk of ingestion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FoxyUk View Post
    Thank you all for your advice. I'm happy to tell you Leo is now eating, the problem was he had no heat at night, now I leave the light on but turn it real low, ive also put decent substrate in now he's eatjng, thank you all for your help! Here's his new environment.
    You're welcome. Thanks for sharing that Leo's now eating. That's excellent news!

    What type substrate are you using? I'm not familiar with what you picture. Maybe it's a UK thing? Some substrates aren't recommended, because they could cause impaction.

    Leo has a great warm dry hide! It has a single small opening. It's nice and private! He'll feel safe inside. I see a thermometer too.
    Let us help you make other improvements for Leo.

    1. How long is Leo's enclosure? Cms are fine.
    2. Does Leo have fresh water in a dish 24/7 on the cool side?
    3. Leo needs 3 hides: a warm dry hide, a warm moist hide, and a cool dry hide. Those hides can easily be homemade. Here's an example of a warm moist hide. Cut the entrance hole above ground. Place something inside like damp paper towel strips or damp sphagnum moss inside to retain humidity. Place this hide on the warm end.
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