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Thread: Sick female

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    Quote Originally Posted by IHaveNoIdea View Post
    No, I think it's caused by her being so skinny. She is new to my collection, I realise I didn't present them here. I got her along with this one (about 3 months old). I should get some nice raptors and tangerine dreamsickles from this pairing. I guess I will wait for next season, because I wouldn't be able to sell anything these days, plus she needs to recover.
    She is electric tangerine enigma het raptor and he is mack super snow ember (super snowflake)
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    Quote Originally Posted by IHaveNoIdea View Post
    She started to eat couple of days ago, 3 heavily powdered waxworms a day for three days straight. Yesterday she started to shed. Well, she should be shedding, but she doesn't start at all. This would be my third time shedding her skin completely by my own. She wouldn't eat now again. Her mouth closed a bit about a week ago, but yesterday evening I found her with her mouth almost fully open. Her mouth is still open. At this point I'm just thinking about euthanasia. Her back is all messed up, MBD is visible on her front legs. Stuck shed on couple of her toes, unremovable..
    Your photo on March 30 shows her right front leg "in trouble". Had you shared a video 3 weeks ago, I could have seen her MBD.

    Waxworms are super high in fat! Waxworms contain scarcely NO food value. Can you get black soldier fly larvae where you live? BSFL = Hermetia illucens.

    Kindly share her supplement schedule prior to her loss of appetite OR the schedule your other leos receive. Please include brand, product name, and frequency. MBD can also be caused by a D3 overdose.

    Early stage metabolic bone disease (MBD) symptoms include uneven (lopsided) gait, walking on one or both "elbows", bowed limbs, belly dragging, and an underbite.
    For link 4 click: Humidity Box Assists for Stuck Shed -- February 2020 update
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    ===> No plain calcium, calcium with D3, or multivitamins inside an enclosure <===

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