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    Default Leo not eating, drinking a lot of water.



    My leo, Blue, has not eaten for a month at this point. I took her to a vet this past Friday (April 3rd I belive was the date). The vet sent off what little feces I had to the lab to check for crypto since luckily before the visit she did eat a single meal worm and defacated. The vet also gave her something to kill worms if she by chance has worms and also gave me some Carnivorecare to try and get her to lick up for some calories, protien, etc.

    The reason why I am posting is that I have noticed since the vet visit, Blue has been drinking water roughly 2-3 times a day, if not more since I haven't observed her drinking while I am sleeping. I'm wondering if anyone knows why she may be drinking a lot of water. I have also been giving her warm water soaks per vet recommendation.

    I will likely be taking her back to the vet this week for xrays if the vet is still wanting to do so but I'm really just asking why she might be drinking so much water.

    Temps: ~87-90 on warm side ~70-75 on cool side. 93 UTH.
    Humidity: ~35-40% (vet said to bump it up, been having a bit of trouble trying to do this)
    Age: ~2 and a half
    Weight: 82g ( I know she is over weight, I have been feeding her like usual 2-3 times a week, wax worms rarely, so I don't think it's anything related to her liver from dropping weight quickly since shes only lost 2 grams over the last 4 weeks).
    Hides: warm, warm humid, cool.
    Diet: Meal worms, super worms, crickets. (Carnivore care right now and bug gut stew, crushed meal worms mixed with a bit of water, before this trying to get some calories in her)

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    I'm not a vet - but maybe she was dehydrated, due to the humidity being too low?
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