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    Quote Originally Posted by geckobunny View Post
    1. I think she’s an adult too, her head is just really small lol. She’s 5 inches from nose to tail.
    2. I messed up and thought I had Zoo Med reptivite multivitamins but I actually have Fluker’s multivitamin with beta carotene, it expires January 2022
    3. The expiration date for the calcium with d3 is is 9/4/2022
    4. Agreed
    5. Her mealworms eat shredded oats

    Thank you so much!! I’ll definitely get her on that eating schedule asap
    Quote Originally Posted by geckobunny View Post
    Also; just to add this in-

    But it seems as though she’s passing these little exclusively white and yellow pellets. She’s passing them about 2-3 times a day maybe because I find them in random places in the tank out in the open. I’ve also noticed she’s been licking her private areas quite often which leads me to believe they may be bothering her? I’m unsure what to think because I’ve never seen a gecko do this. ( I have 2 others and this has never happened with them but they’re both male )
    You're welcome. Fluker's multivitamins aren't very good.

    Leopard geckos can have bone problems from excess calcium too. Perhaps she's doing her best to rid her body of excess (and unusuable) calcium by eliminating the pellets you see? I'm not sure. You mention her former keeper only gave her plain calcium. I also recommend an app with a reptile vet. That vet can x-ray her spine to determine bone density and do a fecal.

    Be sure she has fresh water 24/7! That should help with the pellets.

    Here's a much better dry diet and mealworm bedding. Aliza (GU's acpart) uses this already ground dry diet from "Professional Reptiles" for her insect and worm food as well as for her mealworm/superworm bedding.
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