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    Default Progressively Yellow Urate and Odd Back Leg Behavior


    I've got a almost 4 year old male leo. He's in a 30 gallon tank with a UTH. 88-92 avg temp on his warm side, 70-74 avg on his cool side. I've got him on 2/3 ceramic tile (warm side) and 1/3 Eco Earth substrate (cool side). I've got fresh water, a cap of calcium w/o D3, a moist hide, a warm hide, a moss hide and cool hide all in the tank. I got him a year ago and he was already on the verge of being obese - VERY fat tail. Previous owner raised him on mealies and super worms. I've got him on a diet of sorts. 10 mealworms every 2 days. I've been dusting with Repashy every other feeding. This last month or so I have started adding a good vitamin fish food to the dry oats for the mealworms to munch on and to provide more nutrients to my leo, then I gutload them with carrot 24 hours prior to feeding. Everything has seemed fine until these last 2-3 weeks. My leo poops every 3-4 days on avg and each time this last month his urate has become more and more yellow with a small white tip. So like, at first it was just the tip of the urate that was yellow and the rest was white, and now 3/4 of the urate is yellow. My first thoughts are dehydration but his urate is large enough and he's got plenty of access to water (droplets in moist hide, water dish, and carrot in the mealies). So then I thought that adding fish food to the mealies diet could be overwhelming him with vitamins when combined with dusting Repashy which could be causing his urate to go yellow. BUT last night I saw something weird while he was roaming around the tank. He's been ashy for the last two days so I'm anticipating a shed soon and he just pooped this morning (the 3/4 yellow urate). But before he pooped - last night he would corner around his hides like a drifting car. he'd be on his belly and drag his leg behind him or under him as he changed directions. Rubbing his belly and tail on everything. I mean duh.. boy Leo, he's gonna mark everything but this is the first time i've seen him make his leg go limp and drag it behind him like that. He was still walking on it and climbing just fine other than this weird thing when he was changing directions. So really I'm wondering what I should do about the yellow urate and then if this drifting thing should be a concern and if it's related.

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    Welcome aboard! Please share a photo of your 4 yo leo. At 18 mo a leo is generally classified as "adult".

    Here's a good schedule to feed and dust an adult leo when using Repashy's Calcium Plus multivitamins.

    I would immediately remove any type of fish food from the mealies' diet. Fish food is generally way too high in protein! Anything higher than about 20% protein is too high. That could cause yellow urates.

    Rather that even oats, I recommend Professional Gutload's Pro Diet. Aliza (GU's acpart) uses this already ground dry diet from "Professional Reptiles" for her insect and worm food as well as for her mealworm/superworm bedding.

    Here are some reasons why.
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