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    Default Please help our little peaches!


    Hey Guys,

    We are newbies here so hopefully we can meet some of you guys and help out our little peaches! We have a 2 year old morph leopard gecko that seems to just be going downhill. There are many things I would like to point out and I hope I can get help with them all.

    I would like to start off by saying she is in a clean and well maintained habitat-she gets fresh water daily and has her paper towels changed multiple times a week. Her temps are 70-80 on her cool side and 80-90 on her hot side with a heat mat set on a thermostat to 92.

    It seems like her issues really started way back when we noticed her starting to develop a bump on her back right by the base of her tail-we told ourselves she was just a tad overweight (she was a good eater at the time eating dubias and superworms goat loaded and dusted with calcium consistently) so we didn't think to much of it.

    As of recently she has gone way downhill, it started on June 20th when my gf and I noticed she had laid what seemed to be an egg (she is the only gecko in the cage) so we were concerned and after research we realized it was normal for females to do this. Well it only got worse and it seems like she didn't eat for about a month before the egg and she still to this day has yet to eat an insect. She does not show any signs of significant weight loss but she is definitely smaller then she was 3 months ago. We have tried everything from feeding her baby food (which she will take a couple licks of) to soaking her in pedialyte- trying almost every insect and she still won't eat or get better. I would assume she is lacking vitamins/minerals and nutrients right now-but she will not eat to receive them.

    As of recent, she has been leaving behind wet spots in her hide which seem to be her going to the restroom and not pooping. But she has also been leaving behind wet spots that are completely liquid. These are concerning signs to me and I can't continue to watch her like this without helping.

    We feel like we have been great parents to her trying to give her the best life and avoiding things that are harmful such as sand- lack of nutrients-strictly fatty foods. But we need help because we can't watch her live like this any longer.

    Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated and we hope all is well with everyone during these hard times in the world!

    I have included pictures of everything I mentioned.
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    Sorry you're having a hard time. I don't really see the bump.(that doesn't mean it's not there, it just doesn't come out real well in the picture). I'm not a vet and ultimately you may need to take her to a reptile vet, but here are some questions:
    --is she getting calcium and vitamin D3? If not, that could be one of the problems.
    --Is her tail getting noticeably smaller? It looks somewhat reasonable in the pictures but I don't know what it looked like before.

    My geckos are just starting to eat reasonably again after months of barely eating. It's the end of breeding season now. Your gecko may be having a problem, but also may be normally just not eating. The wet marks you showed means she's peeing but not pooping.


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