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    Post Leo hind legs paralysis, please please help


    We have a gecko that was slightly sicklish from the beginning, but he's been holding on ok so far.

    He's about a year old but quite small (only 47g), has had a general shedding problem and a resulting eye infection. The eye infection is a lot better now after 4 months of treatment, but I dunno if it's just habit but he keeps his eyes closed most of the time.

    He shed his skin a few days ago, and 2 days ago my sister (who's the main caretaker) tried to remove the remaining skin from his eyes and feed him. He was very agitated from the moment we opened the cage and very jumpy. He slightly fell from my sister's hands onto her lap, but got right back up, but put up so much of a fight that she wasn't able to feed him. Afterwards he seemed very upset, trying to climb up the sides of the cage (or maybe just trying to escape, his eyes were closed.)

    Yesterday morning we found that his hind legs were completely limp and his tail was twitching. I got super worried so I took him to the vet. The vet says it is unlikely that he has MBD if it happened overnight, we took an X-ray, he said it seems likely that he has a vertebrae disk problem. Gecko got a shot and we received some meds and brought him home.

    Today the gecko still seems very agitated, trying to climb up the walls without opening his eyes. And then he suddenly goes limp. Then again he tries to move somewhere and then goes limp. Anyone know why this is??? He hasn't had food for a few days, but his tail is on the plumper side, I wonder if it's because he's out of energy. I'm just hoping that it's not a nerve infection or anything that will kill him. The vet says we'll just have to give him meds and wait and see. Has anyone had a similar experience? I'm devastated. Please, I'd appreciate if anyone could share their knowledge on this.

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    Welcome to Geckos Unlimited!

    Please share current photos of your leo and of his enclosure.

    Let us know which supplements you've been giving your leo. Please include brand, exact name of supplement, and frequency.

    If your leo does have a disk issue, there may be little that can be done.
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    Click: Leo Care Sheet's Table of Contents

    ===> No plain calcium, calcium with D3, or multivitamins inside an enclosure <===

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