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Thread: Swollen bits?

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    Default Swollen bits?


    Posters Note: This looks MUCH WORSE in this picture than it does normally, he's just had a bath and I thought I would unclog some of his pores while I was there. This area does redden quickly though.

    Things I've tried doing to rectify/aid this problem:
    Changed his substrate to kitchen towel
    Changed what his food is fed (locusts/hoppers)
    Increased the time between misting his vivarium
    Misted the kitchen towel to help the swelling
    I gave him a "bath" tonight to see if it would help shift anything, he didn't seem in pain and only complained when I stopped him from exploring the kitchen.

    The swelling is where his pre-anal pores are, he's not sluggish at all and still has his usual good-natured temperament. I have put off going the vets as it's some time away, and my family members are in the 'at-risk' category. This does not mean, however, I would not take him to the vets if he needed it. I've solved previous leo problems before with the help of the web but this one has me stumped. The only answer I can come up with is impaction but it seems too far down and swollen for that?

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    I'm not a vet but the possibilities may be: large sperm plug that's causing an infection, some other infection or abscess, problem with his hemipenes.
    The way most vet places are working these days (my brother is a vet and I've been to the reptile vet) is that you go to the parking lot, the vet talks to you on the phone, sends out a vet tech to get your pet and takes it in for treatment while you wait in the parking lot. If the vet has questions they may call you and will definitely give you a report by phone when everything is over. I highly recommend a vet visit if possible to get this taken care of. Sometimes a problem has a simple trigger (like a piece of shed in the eye) but if not treated (i.e shed removed) it leads to something else like a systemic infection which can't be solved anymore by removing the shed alone and the animal needs antibiotics.
    Let us know how things go.

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