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    Default Possible impaction?


    Hey all, first time posting here so bear with me.

    My Leo (2 years old, female) hasn't pooped in about a week, but produced urates today with a small brown spot next to them. The urates were normal-looking. She doesn't have any other symptoms of impaction. Her stomach doesn't look particularly swollen, I don't see any dark coloured spots, and she's been active, eating consistently, etc. I plan to take her to the vet in a few days if she hasn't pooped by then, but this is difficult because of covid + New Years.

    I put some olive oil on my finger yesterday and let her lick it to see if that would help, but nothing has happened so far.

    I haven't tried a warm bath because she isn't great with being handled, and I want to avoid unnecessary stress unless I don't have any other options.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Basic Information
    Species of lizard: Leopard gecko
    Gecko's name: Larry
    Morph: Blizzard
    Gender: F
    Age: 2 years
    Weight: 55 g

    Enclosure dimensions (length x width x height): 30 gallon long
    Substrate provided: slate tile, with sphagnum moss in the moist hide

    What type and brand of thermometer (digital with probe, temperature gun, LCD strip, analog (circle), combo digital thermometer/hygrometer, stainless steel aquarium type, other): digital thermostat with probe on UTH, temperature gun
    What is the ground temperature right on the substrate under the warm dry hide: 88-90f
    What is the air temperature on the warm end about 4 inches up from the ground: 80f
    What is the air temperature on the cool end about 4 inches up from the ground: 75f
    What device(s) are used to maintain the temperature (Under Tank Heater, heat light, Ceramic Heat Emitter, Flexwatt heat tape, hot rock, other): UTH with thermostat, Exo Terra 13w UVB light during day

    Insects and worms, list type: mealworms, occasional hornworm, waxworms as a very rare treat
    Regular diet fed to the worms: mix of carrots, butternut squash, and dandelion greens (all organic and washed)

    How often do you feed your gecko? 3 times a week
    Please list any supplements (with brand names) used. How are they given and how often?
    Zoomed repti-calcium without d3 (once a week)
    Zoomed repti-vite with d3 (once a week)

    If your gecko is sick, please describe the signs and how long your gecko has been showing these signs: No faeces for about a week, had previously defecated three times a week.

    Additional Information

    Gecko's total length: 6 inches
    Length of your reptile when you first acquired it: 4 inches
    Source (pet store, breeder, previous owner): Local pet store
    Captive bred or wild caught: Captive bred

    Number of hides: 3
    Location of hides: warm side, cool side, moist hide in the middle, an extra hide near the moist hide (so she can use it for the temperature gradient without the humidity)
    Is there a humidity hide? location? see above
    Please describe any other furnishings: water dish, one large rock
    List recent changes in the environment, if any: I moved her water dish and rock recently

    Artificial lighting
    Incandescent ("screw-in type bulbs): wattages: 13w UVB
    Fluorescent (tube bulbs):
    Access to ambient daylight from a distant window: No

    Ventilation space for your UTH by elevating the tank above the shelf (some UTHs come with sticky feet for the tank corners): Yes
    Are you using a thermostat(s)? Yes
    Which hide does she/he spend most of her time? Warm, recently she's been spending more time in the moist hide
    Is the temperature decreased at night? by how much? Temps are dropped about 10 degrees at night

    Is the humidity measured? Yes
    Humidity range: ~20%

    Are the insects and worms formally “gutloaded” 1-2 days prior to feeding off to your gecko? If so with? Yes, see above. (carrots, dandelion greens, butternut squash)
    What calcium brand are you using? with D3, without or both? See above.
    Is the calcium in the tank with D3 or without? Without, I've taken the calcium out recently because she has slight armpit "bubbles"
    Multivitamins (include brand name)? Answered above
    Please list any recent additions/changes in the diet: N/a

    General Health
    Is your gecko’s general activity level normal, decreased, or increased? Normal
    Is your gecko’s appetite normal, decreased, or increased? Normal
    Have you noticed any of the following?
    Weight (loss or gain): No
    Discharge from the eyes or nose: No
    Increased breathing rate or effort: No
    Change in the droppings:
    ---white or yellowish: white
    ---size of urates as compared to size of feces: n/a (no feces)
    Abnormal skin color or shedding: no
    Parasites on the skin or in the feces: no
    Weakness: no
    Regurgitation: no

    Previous problems and/or illnesses: loss of appetite about a year ago for 2 weeks, started eating again after a visit to the vet. No treatment, but she was screened for parasites and came up clean.

    Other Critters in Same Cage or in Household
    List other animals that are kept in the same cage: None
    Recent acquisitions (new pets within the past 6 months): None
    Are any of your other pets ill? N/a

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    Some of my geckos don't seem to poop much on occasion, though they continue to eat. I'm not saying you shouldn't be concerned, but I'm rarely concerned about it (they're all on solid substrate and I also have a lot of geckos) and there hasn't ever been a significant problem.
    I do wonder whether the enclosure may be too hot. I feel that an under tank heater and CHE is kind of overkill and at this time of the year 80F in the air is kind of hot. Also the CHE tends to dry out the air and can dehydrate the gecko.


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