Things you can check to make sure the animal is in good condition.

1. Check if the body is fleshy and not flaky.

2 Their skin should be very shinny and without wrinkles or scratches.

3. The animals should be very healthy and not bony at all.

4. If the tail and hipbones are visible, this is a sign that they are probably sick.

5. Swelling on the abdomen or on any other part of the body should also be checked out immediately to make sure the animal is in perfect health or not.

6. The eyes should be clean and should not have any discharge or weird looks to it.

7. If the reptile has any respiratory disease or problem, you will remark that its eyes will be swollen. In this case there will be mucus formation around the eye area.

8. The condition of the nose.

9. The overall sanitary conditions should also be checked to make sure if there are any health issues involved.

10. Check out the surrounding and if it is unclean this is a sign of the reptile having a probable disease.

11. Ask for handling the pet. This test should be done to see the strength of the lizard.

12. The limbs of the pet should be firm and strong.