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    Default unsure of my taming methods...


    I have a very skittish gecko! I've had Pablo for a little over a month now, and he is still so scared and on edge all the time. He is almost always in his hide and quite jumpy (especially with sounds) and wants nothing to do with me. I'm wondering if it's my methods? Though I admit there has been some progress.

    At first he was aggressive (defensively). He screamed the first time I got him (he's around 8-10 months so I didn't even think he could do that) but I left him be for the first few weeks. Then because I was a little scared I put a clean sock over my hand and left it in the tank, and he immediately came over and bit it! I'd move my hand around the tank, not antagonizing him or going too close, and he'd bite and hiss constantly. Now thankfully he never hisses and doesn't try to bite, and I use my bare hands, setting them in the tank. He'll climb up onto one sometimes but it seems he only does so so he can try to escape, although it's rare he'll come near it at all.

    He's still always so scared. At first I wouldn't touch hides when he was in them, wanting to give him privacy and not stress him, but the only way to have a taming session where he can see/touch my hands is if I take the hides out. I only take out one or two, and its gotten to be a musical chairs situation where I take them out when he's hiding and put another one back in. I don't touch him but I know he's still stressed, so it's not enjoyable for either of us. This has caused him to come out more in the evening, which is good, as he used to not come out until all the lights were off. But if I'm around all he wants to do is hide, no matter what method I use, so I don't know what to do. He isn't food motivated either so that hasn't helped. He'll ignore all foods I try to tong-feed him.

    So what should I do? Should I leave him to his own devices? I am a little worried about this because I don't want him to still be squirrely when he's a big adult when he can do more damage if he decides to bite or bolt off. Especially if I need to help with stuck sheds at all. He also still "glass surfs" when he does come out and I don't want him to feel so stressed and desperate all the time.
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