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    Default Bio active vivarium heating question (Noob)


    I am planning to purchase a leopard gecko for me and my daughter, and in the process of getting everything setup have gotten a little stuck.

    I saw some guy on youtube called the bio dude, and like the setup he was selling, because he stated the quality of life with said setup was more enriching for the animal. The setup is supposed to mimic the desert scrublands where they are sometimes found.

    It's a more sandy/soily type of mix with sphagnum moss, and some succulents, barkwood, isopods, springtails. Like that.

    I joined another gecko forum the other day, and was saying I had purchased a ceramic heater and uva combo from a local shop for heat as that's what they were pushing me towards. Actually the guy was first trying to have me get a red bulb, but I told him I read it messed with their sleep cycle, and then after trying to have me get a blue bulb told me about the ceramic.

    The biodude was using a uvb bulb, ceramic heater combo, and a under tank mat, but stuck to the back wall as opposed to the bottom, I think he said there would not enough air flow on the bottom, or maybe it would have trouble penetrating the substrate effectively.

    I traded the lamp setup in for an UTH on the advice from the other forum I joined as they said the bulbs would dry everything out too much, and the uva I wanted to use instead of the uvb bulb would lose effectiveness in 6 months or so, and to check strength required an expensive meter.

    The UTH thermostat is set to 95 (I turned it up a little to that last night) for about 12 hours and when I use the point and shoot thermometer the highest reading I'm getting is 74 degrees on top of the substrate. The pad is showing 100.5 when I check on the bottom, so it's working fine. It's a 36" x 16" x 16" 40 gallon exo terra

    I'm trying to figure out the next step, as this is all brand new to me.

    Someone mentioned thinning the substrate? It's 2 1/2 to 3" deep everywhere.

    Just go get the lamp setup, and start trying to tweak things?

    Any and all help is appreciated. I want things to be just right before putting a critter in it, and this is more complicated than I thought it would be, or maybe I'm just making it that way
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