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    Default Newbie Leopard Gecko - heating advice please.


    Hi all
    We are the proud owners of a 20 week old leopard gecko. We have had him 4 days, heís mainly stayed in his warm hide, but I know that is to be expected. Heís eating crickets, I think, because Iíve put one in at night and they seem to have disappeared by morning. My concern is the heat. I have tried 2 different heat pads thinking the first one was faulty after it failed to reach 25c. I replaced it, but the new one is showing the same. The thermostat is on the paper towel substrate that is covering the heat pad. The digital thermometer in same place is 23C at night up to 26.5C in the day when the house heating is on. Itís an exo terra medium low tank 60x45x30cm. Iíve looked into getting a ceramic heater, but they all seem to indicate this tank is too shallow for one. Any advice is greatly received. Thanks👍

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    Congrats on your new gecko. I would imagine that you'd want the temperature on the floor of the enclosure to measure about 32C ideally. Am I correct that at this point the floor is measuring more like 25C? And also that when you say you have "the thermostat on the paper towel substrate that's covering the heat pad" you may mean that you have the thermometer there?
    Here are some questions that may help resolve the issue:
    --what kind of heat mat are you using? What dimensions?
    --what kind of thermometer are you using (is it a digital thermometer with a probe that you're laying on the substrate or something else?
    --how long are you waiting for the heat mat to be plugged in before you're measuring the temperature and are you leaving everything on long enough to be measuring for several days?

    Without knowing your answers to those questions, here are some possible solutions:
    --If you're not using a digital thermometer with a probe you may not be getting accurate results
    --Try plugging the heat mat directly into an outlet without using a thermostat (make sure in this case that you have the proper thermometer) and see if you get more heat
    --I have found that although the instructions say that the heat mat will reach its maximum in about 6 hours, it has actually continued to gradually heat up for several days after turning it on
    --I assume the heat mat is installed outside the enclosure on the bottom. I have had better heat results by putting aluminum foil over the heat mat so it's sandwiched between the foil and the bottom of the enclosure

    Let us know the answers to the questions and see if any of the suggestions help.


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    It’s an exo terra medium low tank 60x45x30cm.
    Welcome to Geckos Unlimited, Lynsey!

    Can you buy Ultratherm heat mats in the UK? Ultratherms are tops and have been for years. I recommend getting an 11 x 17 inch Ultratherm heat mat for your enclosure. Covering 1/2 the ground will be just right! Plug this heat mat into a thermostat. I recommend a digital thermometer with a probe to verify your thermostat's setting.

    UK members can order from:

    Temperatures - A temperature gradient from warm to cool maintains your leo's health. Here's a temperature guide for all leopard geckos as measured with the probe of a digital thermometer or a temp gun. Set your thermostat at 91*F/32.8*C.

    Tape the thermostat's probe and a digital thermometer's probe together, but offset a little. Place them right on top of the substrate underneath the warm dry hide. If you use a UTH + a CHE you'll need 2 separate thermostats, because ground and air temperatures are substantially different.

    • Warm dry hide ground temperature: 88-92 F (31.1-33.3 C) inside a leo's warm dry hide.
    • Warm humid/moist hide: Place the humid hide 100% on top of the heat mat. Keep temperatures similar to the warm dry hide.
    • Cool dry hide ground temperature: 70ish-75 F (21.1-23.9 C) Usually the cool end ground temperature matches the room temperature where the enclosure sits.
    • no greater than 82ish F (27.8ish C) surface temperature - 4 inches (10 cm) above ground on the warm end
    • no greater than 75 F (23.9 C) surface temperature - 4 inches (10 cm) above ground on the cool end

    Leave your heat mat on 24/7 IF ambient room temperatures drop lower than 67ish*F (19.4*C). If NOT, during the night turn off overhead lighting/heating (~12 hours on and ~12 hours off)
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