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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith View Post
    Edit to add: oops, didn’t realize this was just for gut load, not staple diet! For gutload I only use Repashy superload with no other supplementation.��

    What is that based on? I’m not sure how much I agree with that list and believe it may be a bit outdated. The currently accepted wisdom and research demonstrates that Dubias are excellent at picking their own food based on need. As long as you feed a diverse diet, they will avoid bad foods and stick to what’s needed. Our table scraps to them consist mainly of bread, sweet potato, zucchini, apple, banana, orange, oats, jalapeņos, onion and broccoli.

    Of course, if you only feed dog food, they will eat the dog food Out of necessity.�� I also think powdered foods aren’t the best for all feeding since they can’t pick and choose what they need. If blending, it seems best to leave all foods grain sized so they can pick out what they want. My 2c.
    Sorry for my long delay, Keith. I don't know what Olimpia's source was.

    I assumed Olimpia's recs were for general feeding of bugs and worms (a staple diet), NOT for a particular gutload 24 hours prior to feeding those off to geckos. For the 24-hour-prior-to-feeding-off diet (gutload), some folks increase the calcium content of that mix way beyond a healthy amount to keep feeders alive.

    In the past some folks mixed dog and cat food into their insect gutloads! Some people even used fish flakes!!!

    I think USDA has "kept" oat levels at the same levels as when I created this link despite the fact that the USDA (now FoodData Central) has a new link!
    Click: FoodData Central
    Enter some food like wheat germ
    Scroll down for calcium and phosphorus per 100 grams and compare

    I'd love your help, Keith! IF you spot a particular food on Olimpia's list that doesn't seem correct, maybe a current USDA link can set things straight for adding or subtracting items, or just removing the link/info itself.

    Since ~2015 I've finely ground Zoo Med's Natural ADULT Bearded Dragon Food for 24/7/365 feeding of all my crickets. I use the finest setting on my large Krups grinder. It still seems like my crickets "kick aside" what they don't prefer. What I've been doing seems to "build a better bug".
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